ClimbSci is an evidence-based webcast covering scientific topics related to climbing and climbers, notably nutrition, training, recovery, and performance. Hosted by Brian Rigby (Climbing Nutrition), and Tom Herbert (usefulcoach).


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  • Episode 05 - Supplements

    What are the most useful supplements for climbers?

  • Episode 04 - Cardio

    Discussing whether climbers should be doing cardiovascular training.

  • Episode 03 - Fat

    Discussing fat and how it fits into energy provision and health.

  • Episode 02 - Carbohydrate

    Discussing the science of carbohydrate requirements for climbers. Why dietary carbohydrate is essential for optimising training, performance, and recovery.

  • Episode 01 - Protein

    Discussing the science of protein requirements for climbers. Optimising meals, timing, training support, supplementation, and more.


Brian Rigby

Brian Rigby is a climber, sports nutritionist, and writer; he’s not so bad at handstands, either. He is the author behind Climbing Nutrition, a blog that aims to improve climbers’ understanding of how nutrition affects performance and help them climb better. Brian lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two dogs, has a master of science in applied clinical nutrition, and is a certified (CISSN) sports nutritionist through the International Society for Sports Nutrition.

Climbing Nutrition / fb:climbingnutrition

Tom Herbert

Tom Herbert (aka “usefulcoach”) when not working full-time as a GNU/Linux System Administrator, works as a freelance strength and conditioning coach, and performance and change nutritionist certified (CISSN) through the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Based in London UK, Tom works with a number of Team GB climbers, enjoys bouldering, pole dancing (doing not watching), long walks, longer sentences, and is a serial user of the Oxford comma.

usefulcoach / fb:usefulcoach / @usefulcoach